How To Cook With Pampered Chef Cookware

Learning how to cook with Pampered Chef cookware for a unique experience in the kitchen. Pampered Chef is a seller of kitchenware items that includes everything from jar openers to cookware like muffin pans and baking stones. Some of the Pampered Chef cookware has specific directions for use so it's important for each piece you use, to read the directions carefully and follow those instructions.

To cook with Pampered Chef cookware, you will need:

  • Pampered Chef cookware
  • instructions from each piece


  1. Get the cookware and instructions. Read the instructions from beginning to end. Sometimes it's important to wash the cookware first or season it somehow. Follow the cookware's instructions to make your Pampered Chef cookware last and give the best performance.
  2. Cook with Pampered Chef stoneware. Stoneware is a special type of cookware that is made of stone and contains no metal in the piece. It's important to wash each stoneware item before use with hot water only. It is recommended to never use soap of any kind on stoneware. For the first use, bake a food like cookies or canned biscuits that have lots of oil to season the stoneware to protect it during future use.
  3. Cook with Pampered Chef stainless steel cookware.  This cookware can be used in the oven or on the stovetop. Using the right size burner and the right heat level are important for correct cooking. Non-metal spoons and spatulas like wooden and plastic are recommended to protect the cookware's finish.
  4. Cook with Pampered Chef executive cookware. This cookware is heavy-duty aluminum and titanium and has a non-stick finish with thick bottoms to prevent burning. It's important to wash before the first use and to hand wash them at all times. They are not designed to go in the dishwasher. The proper level of heat is important to cook in this cookware properly. Too high heat is not advised. This cookware is not designed to use in the broiler of the oven, and the highest oven temperature they can handle is 400 degrees.
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