How To Cook Spanish Food

You have fallen in love with tapas, paellas, gazpacho, arroz con leche, and other flavorful Spanish dishes, so you want to know how to cook Spanish food. Get ready to put your skills to test and embark on a new adventure. Cooking Spanish food is like cooking any other food, and this guide will help you during your cooking journey.

  1. Research the Spanish Cuisine.  Go to your local public library and rent books on the Spanish cuisine, do a general online search on Spanish foods, and if you know any Spanish people, consult with them. By doing so, you will gain the tools and knowledge to become more affective at cooking Spanish food. Furthermore, research enables you to learn the history of the food and different cooking methodologies. 
  2. Explore the foods you like. You may find the contrasting flavors of the garlic and cumin in the tortilla española pleasant but may find paellas appalling. The Spanish cuisine is diverse and has cultural influences ranging from the Mediterranean to the Roman cuisine, and thus, it is important that you have an idea on what foods you may like. If you have a Spanish restaurant where you live, eat there one day and take note of the foods you find enticing.
  3. Purchase the necessary cooking utilities. Some Spanish food calls for special cooking utilities such as a pressure cooker, a paellera (a skillet with two handles used for cooking paellas), or a stovetop espresso machine. You may be able to purchase cooking utilities at your local international market. If not, you can also buy them online on web sites such as Amazon.
  4. Purchase the essential ingredients of the Spanish cuisine. You can find some of the commonly used ingredients in the Spanish cuisine at your local store such as garlic, tomato sauce, onions, bell pepper, olive oil, rice, cumin, and paprika. Some ingredients, however, are more exotic such as saffron, and you may only find them at your local international market.
  5. Experiment in the kitchen. If the Spanish cuisine is not your expertise, try cooking something simple that you may be familiar with. For instance, if you are a seafood lover, try cooking gambas al ajillo, jumbo shrimp sautéed in butter, olive oil, and garlic, sprinkled with spicy pepper flakes and paprika, combined with lemon juice, and then garnished with refreshing parsley. Once you have tried a few recipes and feel comfortable cooking Spanish food, you can then move on to cooking more complicated recipes.

Impress your friends with your new skill of knowing how to cook Spanish food. Once you have mastered this art, you will be able to easily cook other international foods such as Latin American food, which embodies several Spanish elements.

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