How To Coordinate With Sport Coat

Knowing how to coordinate with sport coat will make a big difference in how you look. Wearing the wrong pants, shirt and tie with you sport coat can make you look unprofessional. If you are not good at coordinating your outfits, you may want to get your spouse or girlfriend to help you make your decisions. If they do a good job coordinating with your sport coat, it will be make your appearance more impressive and professional no matter what the occasion is.

To coordinate with sport coat you need:

  • Pants
  • Shirt and Tie
  • Belt
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  1. Take your sport coat with you and do some shopping. Buy a pair of dress pants such as khakis, and try them on with your sport coat. When you are trying to coordinate with a sport coat, if it is dark blue the khakis should look fine. You may also want to buy some gray pants so you have a choice of what to wear with your sport coat.  
  2. Buy some shirts and ties to coordinate with a sport coat. White or light blue oxford style shirts look good with a dark blue sport coat. You can wear just about any color of tie, but don’t choose a tie with too many different colors in it or you will not look as good.
  3. Get some black, brown or burgundy shoes to coordinate with your sport coat. Loafers are fine, and tie shoes also look good with a sport coat. One thing to remember is to buy a belt that matches the color of your shoes. This always looks good with a sport coat or a suit.
  4. Many people forget about buying socks when they coordinate with a sport coat. The last thing you want to do is wear white socks with your sport coat. This will make you look unprofessional and ridiculous. If you are wearing a dark sport coat, buy dark socks in black, blue, dark gray or brown. The socks can have a pattern, but nothing too elaborate. This will help you round out your outfit and will make you look professional from head to toe.
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