How To Cope With Celibate Marriage

Guys in a sexless marriage need to learn about how to cope with a celibate marriage. This is one of the most difficult things for a guy to go through. One of the best things about a healthy marriage is being able to freely explore one anothers bodies and make each other happy because you are so in love. So, what are you supposed to do when you have a celibate time during your marriage?

  1.  It's not forever. This celibate time is not going to last forever. Your wife may have just had a baby or something else is going on in life that caused this brief time of celibacy. Know that this celibate time may just last for two months which is forever for a guy. Hang in there.
  2. Satisfying yourself. If talking to your wife about temporarily sexually satisfying yourself is possible, communicate with her about it. Some women are okay with this and some are not. Compromise with her. Look at photos of her and sexually satisfy yourself that way if she is okay with it.
  3. Celibate marriages. There are marriages out there that are celibate. Not just the old people like most of us think. Some young couples out there are living celibate marriages simply because they are working full time, raising kids, or so focused on their careers that sex gets put on the back burner. Sex is not everything. Yes, sex is a wonderful way to express your love for one another, but there are also other ways to show each other love.
  4. The other side of sex. While sex is awesome, it's not the only way to be sexual. You and your wife can hold each other closer than close, kiss each others shoulders and or backs, arms, etc, tenderly. This is living a celibate marriage, but way more than you would do with a friend or someone you know casually. Hug each other romantically. Marriage counseling is also not a bad idea. A celibate marriage is fine temporarily, but if it's been quite a while you have to decide if marriage counseling is a good idea to find out what is going on and to find out if this celibate marriage is or is not real healthy for both of you.
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