How To Cope With Christian Marriage Intimacy Issues

Learning how to cope with Christian marriage intimacy issues can be a difficult task.  Intimacy is a very important factor in a marriage and Christian marriages are not immune to having intimacy problems. If both people are willing to work together to solve the problem, then the outcome will be much better and have a smaller chance of reoccurring. This article will give you some tips and advice for dealing with intimacy issues in a Christian marriage.

  1. Tell your partner. Communication is vital in any relationship. Don't expect for your partner to read your mind. If you are unhappy with the intimacy in your marriage, let your partner know. Also let them know what they can do to change that area. Often times talking openly can help both of you cope and resolve many marriage intimacy issues.
  2. Get counseling. Sometimes a third party is needed to help cope with Christian marriage intimacy issues. You may choose a marriage counselor or someone you know and trust like your priest. Counseling can help you both look at the intimacy issues from both sides. Marriage counselors will often assign homework for couples to do that will help strengthen marriage intimacy. These exercises may seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but they will likely draw the two of you closer.
  3. Be understanding and patient. Intimacy issues can be a hard topic to discuss, especially in a Christian marriage. When coping with such issues, try to keep an open mind and be willing to work constantly towards resolving the issues.  Resolving the intimacy issues may be a easy fix or it may require time, patience and intense therapy, depending on the circumstances.
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