How To Cope With Involuntary Celibacy

Are you wondering how to cope with involuntary celibacy? As humans we all desire another person to have intimate time with. Being in between relationships can be an emotionally draining experience, though this time alone can be used to help us to see what we really desire and do not desire in our next partner.

  1. Join a club. Whether you enjoy gardening, shooting pool or social events, local chapters of clubs are available in almost every town across the USto help cope with involuntary celibacy. Club listings can be found online, posted on public library bulletin boards or in local newspapers.
  2. Enroll in furthering education. Though online school may be more convenient to work around you may miss the chance to meet anyone of interest. A local college, home improvement workshop held at home improvement stores or the local YMCA offfer classes that will allow you to grow as a human while possibly meeting that special someone. Finding someone with similar interests will help you cope with involuntary celibacy.
  3. Hobbies are a great way to cope with involuntary celibacy. Enjoy your time between relationships by indulging in something you consider fun or something you are good at. Major cities have craft stores, home improvement store workshops, and public libraries for self-study.
  4. Sports. Enjoying your favorite sport will get you out in the public. Join a local YMCA, weekend college school sport, your local church or even just attend a sporting even to help you cope with involuntary celibacy.
  5. Dating websites can help you cope with involuntary celibacy. The person of your dreams may be living real close though you have never had the chance to meet. You may want to consider taking a chance meeting your next partner online.
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