How To Cope With A Job You Hate

Learning how to cope with a job you hate is one of the toughest situations, but it can be made better. It might be time to change your focus on the things you hate, or learning how to plan ahead to get where you really want to be. It can be tough but there are ways to make your job work for you, not you working at your job. Learn to plan ahead and balance the work you have now can help a lot.

  1. Create your exit strategy. The job you have doesn't have to be the job you keep for life. It may be a stepping stone to the job you want in the future. If that's the case, create an exit strategy. This means figuring out the job you want and taking the steps to get there, and letting the job you have now fund your efforts. This can fuel you up to cope with the job you hate to get to where you want to be in the future.
  2. Leave your work at work. If you don't like the job you have, make it a rule that you leave your job the moment you walk out of the office door. Don't take work home. If you aren't getting paid to do your work anywhere else other than your office, there's nothing to tell you that you have to bring it home.
  3. Develop a great hobby. If you prefer to work on cars, or play fantasy baseball, then you can join a group or start your own league or find something that will distract you from thinking about work when you're out of the office. A great way to cope with a job you hate is to find something to love to do to focus on when you aren't in the office, and in those spare moments you have time to yourself in the office.
  4. Give the work you don't like to do to someone else. If there's a way to spread work around to someone else, let someone else do it. Explain to your boss that you feel you can complete more of work A (the work you can tolerate) if someone else could handle work B (something you dread every time). You might also want to hire a virtual assistant. Paying someone else to do the stuff you don't want to do, like cold calling customers or organizing office notes, can save you from frustration.
  5. Telecommute. If it isn't the work, but the people in the office that you dislike, see if you can't find a way to telecommute. Many offices are finding ways to lower costs, so approach your boss with a cost saving solution. Computer tech repair, electricity, phone calls, etc., all cost the office money. Volunteer to use your own home office to get the work done, and save money for both you and him. Even if it's only a few days a week, it'll save you some frustration and maybe help you with coping with a job you hate.
  6. Vent when needed. If it's an anonymous blog, or letting yourself rant about your job with your significant other, your friends, or your family, let it all out. Some people can deal with a lot of things better if they can let themselves grumble about it.
  7. Follow your exit strategy. After all is said and done, your best way to cope with a job you hate is to stay focused on that exit strategy and get yourself out the door as soon as it is convenient for you. Make the job work for you. Take what you want, and leave the rest behind. Set up interviews for other jobs, brush up your resume. Take online classes or go to night school. Whatever it takes, take the action steps needed as you learn how to cope with a job you hate.
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