How To Cope With My Mid-Life Crisis

Wondering how to cope with a mid-life crisis without getting divorced, going insane or filing bankruptcy. If life was so simple to avoid this mid-life crisis, things would be much simpler. Most people experience some sort of mid-life crisis between the ages of 40 to 60. Psychologist Carl Jung first identified this emotional transition as part of the aging game. How to cope with my mid-life crisis may not be the easiest way, but it was the way that helped to give hope to a life that was depressed and very lonely.

  1. Eating Healthy. Does food solve all problems? In many cases it does as sugars and sweets can cause depression. Depression therefore will cause a mid-life crisis to increase and go out of whack so to say. My mid-life crises cure started with the correct healthy diet.
  2. Exercise Daily. In order to keep the endorphins in your brain “happy,” exercise is imperative. A daily walk for 30 minutes or more will help to revitalize your whole system. It was rule number two in helping me cope with my mid-life crisis.
  3. God. As funny as it seems, the third way to cope with my mid-life crisis was faith and God. Keeping centered and realizing that everything happens for a reason and never are you ever alone. Destiny plays a very important part in coping with a mid-life crisis. Instead of wondering why, you realize that God has this planned out and something good will come out of this horrible feeling.
  4. Questioning the Reason For Existence. Many who go through a mid-life crisis will start to question if they should be alive or dead.  Pain will cause many to want and desire death instead of life. It is a time to seek counseling sometimes, but it may just be a time to go outside and smell the roses. Fresh air will revive the soul, so to speak.
  5. Divorce is not the Answer. When suffering with a mid-life crisis, do not run for the attorney’s phone number. Look to what problems lay in the marriage and fix them. If there is no sex then do something different. Rent an x-rated movie and practice.
  6. Boredom can be Fatal. When your husband comes home, does he kiss you? Does he tell you over and over again how beautiful you are? If not and he comes home and yawns and sits down in front of the TV, maybe it is time to liven up the marriage. Do something unusual and unexpected. Never be what is expected. Throw out those flannel pajamas.
  7. Time for a Second Honeymoon. One of the best ways to liven up a marriage and learn to cope with a mid-life crisis is intervention.  Surprise your husband with a 3 day get-a-way love cruise to the Bahamas or Cancun. Somewhere not so far, but somewhere just you and him can renew your marriage vows.
  8. Support Group. Loneliness is one of the worst symptoms of my mid-life crisis. Yes, my husband was there, but I was still lonely. He was present, but he was not supportive. Learning how to handle this situation changed when involved with others who were going through the same thing.
  9. Date Night.  How did I revive my marriage and cope with my mid-life crisis? We had one day a week just for us. Date night meant we were alone with each other doing things we had not done before. It was a night of conversation, laughing and yes loving afterwards.  
  10. Hope. The most important aspect of how I coped with my mid-life crisis is having hope in tomorrow. I found that hope with a simple process called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It is a fairly popular process where tapping is used on the nerve points. Hope came and worthlessness left. Coping with my mid-life crisis was not easy, but it was indeed successful.
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