How To Cope With No Sex Relationship

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you may have to learn how to cope with no sex relationship. There are many things one can do to get through a relationship while not having sex. This may be a little difficult for those who have a healthy sexual appetite. But for those who have never had sex, it's difficult to miss what you have never had. But those seeking other ways to take the edge off from not having sex can try other things to ease the frustration.

Items needed to cope with a no sex relationship:

  • Masturbation
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Patience
  • Great Imagination
  1. Experiment with masturbation. If you are not having your needs met in your relationship, try masturbation. It is a good way to learn your own body and in the process, release the pent up frustration you have been holding inside.
  2. Find extracurricular activities to take your mind off not having sex. You can join clubs or groups in the neighborhood. The more active you are the less likely you are to think about your uneventful sex life.
  3. Have patience with your partner. If you not having sex is due to a religious belief or an accident, be patient with them and understand their point of view. If in the end, it's something you find you will not be able to deal with, you will have to communicate this with your partner.
  4. Create a great imagination for yourself. You can imagine having sex on the roof tops, or anywhere your mind will allow you to go. Fantasies can be a great way to get the mind and body ready for the real thing when it happens.
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