How To Copy And Paste On iPod Touch

You have been trying to figure out how to copy and paste on your iPod Touch and still can't figure it out.  The lack of a COPY-PASTE feature on an iPod Touch can be very frustrating, but don't let that discourage you. There is a way to copy and paste on your iPod Touch. Pastebud is a fairly new service, and once you have installed this service it will allow you to copy and paste on your iPod Touch. 

  1. Add Pastebud's two bookmarklets to your iPod Touch. To install these two bookmarklets, then drag them both to the Safari toolbar and sync them. You will be able to use both functions on Safari and the mail app.
  2. How to copy text on your iPod Touch. From Safari, you can use the copy function when you find a webpage that you want to borrow text from by clicking the appropriate bookmark from that webpage. This will automatically launch Pastebud's web app and the text of the webpage will be displayed inside. From there you will be able to select, highlight and copy any part of the text that you choose.
  3. How to paste text on your iPod Touch. You can paste the copied text to a web form by clicking on the "paste" bookmark. Make sure to do this while the cursor is in the field.
  4. How to copy text from an email. You will need to send the email to Pastebud's servers. You will then receive a link to a web app that includes the mailed text that is available for you to select and copy.
  5. How to paste text in your email on your iPod Touch. To paste in email, launch a new mail from Pastebud's web app, and then find appropriate section that you want to place the new text in.
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