How To Copy Music From Ipod To Computer

If you own an iPod, you may want to know how to copy music from your iPod to your computer. This might be necessary if you have music on your music player that was accidentally erased from your computer's hard drive. While you can use Apple's iTunes software to transfer music to your player, it is very difficult to use it to move music back to your computer, since iTunes may automatically sync your library to your iPod when you connect it. Here's how to copy music from your iPod to your computer.

Things You'll Need:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • A downloaded copy of iTunes software
  • An iPod
  • A USB cable
  1. Connect your iPod to your computer in "disk mode". Use the USB cable to connect the iPod to the computer and then open iTunes. If iTunes begins syncing your music library immediately, stop this process by clicking the small "x" in the corner of the window. Select your iPod from the device list and then select the option "Enable Disk Use". This will keep iTunes from disconnecting your iPod from the hard drive.
  2. Click on "My Computer" to see a list of available disk drives. The iPod should be listed at the bottom as a removable disk, possibly as an E: drive. Select this disk drive to access the file folders stored on your iPod.
  3. Reveal the hidden music files on the disk drive. Click the "Tools" menu on the window's toolbar. Select the "Folder Options" menu and then select the option to "Show hidden files and folders". Once this is done, you should see the Music folder on the iPod disk drive.
  4. Open the Music folder and select the entire list of files. You do have the option to select individual files for transfer, but you may find it difficult to know which files are the specific songs you want to move. Create a folder on your computer's desktop and drag the files to that folder to transfer them. If you'd rather move your files directly to iTunes, select the option "Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library" in the iTunes software. Then add the entire Music folder to iTunes by selecting the "Add folder to library" option on the iTunes toolbar.



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