How To Copy Xbox 360 Games

Unfortunately, learning how to copy Xbox 360 games is no easy task for the typical user. The reason behind this is because video game discs are made with a copy-protection encryption which does not allow your computer to see its contents. However, there are specialized software which can break such encryption, allowing your computer to make better sense of how to copy Xbox 360 games successfully.

  1. Get any disc backup program that can break through a disc's encryption. This is the only way in which you can actually explore the contents inside of the Xbox 360 games in question. You may use your favorite search engine to download a trial version of such game backup programs.
  2. Insert the Xbox 360 game into your computer's CD/DVD writer, and allow the disc backup software to read it. Once the software detects the disc, your computer will naturally know how to copy Xbox 360 games.
  3. Launch the specialized software and create a disc image. Making a disc image is a fancy term to copy Xbox 360 games. This image will be stored into your computer hard drive in order to be successfully backed up.
  4. Remove the original Xbox 360 game and insert an empty disc. Once you copy Xbox 360 games, the resulting image must always be burned into the empty disc.
  5. Begin to burn your newly-created Xbox 360 game image. For optimal results, copy Xbox 360 games at a low speed to avoid any burning errors on the empty disc.

Tip: If you have no desire to copy Xbox 360 games onto an empty disc, you may leave the backup image in your computer hard drive.

Warning: Using a DVD Dual Layer disc is the only method on how to copy Xbox 360 games.

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