How To Cork A Softball Bat

Want to know how to cork a softball bat? You are supposed to be able to hit a softball farther with a corked bat. Most softball bats are aluminum, so corking a softball bat is different than corking a wooden baseball bat. The aluminum bat is hollow, so you will need to fill the inside of the bat to cork the softball bat. If you cork your softball correctly, it will allow you to hit the softball with more power and distance. Your newly corked softball will be a good practice bat.


Things You Will Need

  • A softball bat
  • Tennis balls or other rubber balls that fit inside of the softball bat
  • A vise
  • A screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Glue epoxy


  1. Take your softball bat and place it in the vise. Do not tighten the vise too hard. You want the bat firmly tightened enough to work on it.
  2. Take your screwdriver and pry off the end cap of the softball bat. You will see a grove in the end, place your screwdriver in this groove, and pry it out. You may have to hit your screwdriver with the rubber mallet. This prying may take you some time. Once you have pried the end cap off the softball bat, you are ready for the next step.
  3. Make sure the bat is hollow. There may be pieces of metal inside of the bat. Clean the pieces of metal out of the softball bat.
  4. Take your tennis balls and fill the softball bat up with the tennis balls. Make sure you completely fill the softball bat up with the tennis balls.
  5. Take the end cap and glue it back on to the softball bat. You may need to tap the end cap back into the softball bat with your rubber mallet. Use plenty of glue to seal the cap on to the bat.
  6. Let the glue dry over night. The glue needs to be completely dry before you use the softball bat. Once the glue is dry, get used to your corked softball bat by swinging it a few times.


  • Only use your corked bat for practice
  • Do not use your corked bat in live competition. Corked bats are illegal because they give you an unfair advantage.
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