How To Corner A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is an inexpensive and fun way to get from Point A to Point B. The best way to learn how to ride and corner a motorcycle is by hands-on experience. Once you have learned the basics of operating the bike, you will become more confident in riding it in all types of circumstances. Sweeping corners are fun, but there are things you need to know before you go laying through a curve or corner.

Sweeping Curves or Corners

  1. Approach the curve at a steady speed. Pay attention to the speed limit signs that are posted before the corner or curve. Slow down to the appropriate speed before you reach the curve or corner.
  2. Enter the curve with a gradual tilt of the motorcycle. Sweeping curves do not require you to turn the handlebars. Lean the motorcycle gently in the direction the curve is going. Keep the throttle steady as you go through the curve.
  3. Do not apply the brakes while you are leaning through a curve or corner. Applying the brakes will make the motorcycle stand up or slide, and may cause you to run off the road.
  4. Do not give the motorcycle more gas while you are in a leaning position. Opening the throttle will also either cause the motorcycle to stand up, or the rear wheel may loose traction and cause you to slide.  Only apply more gas to increase your speed when you are out of the curve and the motorcycle is standing straight up.

Cornering from a Stop

  1. Making a right or left turn from a stopped position requires you to turn the handlebars. Start the bike moving from the stop sign in a straight line. Slowly turn the handlebars in the direction of the turn you are making. Avoid turning the handlebars sharply. Sweep as wide as possible to complete your turn.
  2. Practice the different turns at a slow steady speed to understand how the motorcycle corners. Each motorcycle will feel and handle different. The type of tires will cause them to feel different than another motorcycle.  If you are new to motorcycle riding always ride with another motorcyclist. Make sure they are aware of the fact that you are a new rider. They will adjust their riding style to accommodate you.


Never try to sweep through corners or curves like an experienced rider. Get the feel of the motorcycle first. Experience is the best teacher.


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