How To Count Cards In Poker

If you have never to attempted to learn how to count cards in poker, it is extremely important to practice before you start playing. Counting cards is not exactly illegal, but it is extremely frowned upon. Not everyone will be able to know how to count cards in poker because a great deal of mathematics is involved. Not only must you be great with numbers, but you also must be fast.

  1. Simplify counting cards. Because so many cards are in play when you are playing, it can be difficult to find out how to count cards in poker. So you must simplify what is occurring. This will help keep up your percentage of getting certain hands quicker. Spending too much time figuring out how many of each type of card is being played will make you fall behind on your count. There is a high-low system that can help you by identifying your poker cards by making by certain cards positive one, zero, and negative one.
  2. The high-low system. When learning how to count cards in poker, it is important to know different systems. One of the easiest is the high-low system. By having the cards marked as positive one or zero, and negative one, you can speed up your counting.  You make all cards between two and six a positive one, all of the cards between seven and nine a zero, and everything between a ten and an ace is a negative one. By doing this, you can keep tally of what cards are still available. The higher the positive number you have, the larger chance you have of getting a high card, and vice versa.
  3. Finding other systems. The high-low system is just the tip of the iceberg when attempting to learn how to count cards in poker. By learning the high-low system first, you will be able to use it as a building block to more complex ways of counting cards. The more you practice counting cards, the better you will become at it.
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