How To Crack Starcraft

If you want to engage in South Korea's third most popular national pastime, you have to learn how to crack Starcraft. We obviously have no idea if cracking Starcraft is actually a popular activity in Korea, but the real time strategy game is extremely popular in the country. The most common crack people use on the game is the NoCD crack.

Things You Will Need to Crack Starcraft:

  • A Starcraft Installation
  • Up-to-date Anti-Virus Software
  • A Virus-Free Crack Program
  1. Download the Starcraft NoCD Crack. Run an anti-virus scan on the file. If the virus scanner indicates the crack is free of Malware, run the Starcraft crack. Delete infected files and search for a different file. Repeat the process until you get a file you can trust. Many malicious software developers hide Trojans and Viruses and distribute them as cracks to popular games.
  2. Read the Instructions That Tell You How to Install the Crack. Some cracks require you to replace the game file's executable. Other cracks modify the game file so it does not check for the CD in the drive when the game starts up.
  3. Run the Crack Program or Follow the Instructions to Install It. Test Starcraft to see if it works without the CD in the drive. If it still does not work, you may need to try a virtual CD program to get around this annoying restriction. Using a NoCD crack is not illegal, and it saves wear and tear on the game disc.



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