How To Crack Your Back

Looking for directions on how to crack your back? Cracking your back is a great way to mobilize your spine. When you crack your back, you are putting your spine back into alignment, which will relieve any pressure that you have that is causing you discomfort. You may find that you have to crack your back often if you are stressed or feeling tense for any reason. Although there are several ways to crack your back, the method listed below is the easiest and move effective way of doing so.

To crack your back, you will need:

  • A chair that is hard (ie: it doesn't have a cushion)
  1. Sitting On The Chair. Of course, the first step in cracking your back is to sit on the chair. When you sit on the chair, simply place both of your hands on the side of the chair. You will want to gently grip the side of the chair to keep yourself in position.
  2. Positioning Yourself. Now that you are sitting on the chair, you need to get yourself in the position that will allow you to crack your back. To do so, simply slide down the chair until your butt is just barely hanging off of the edge of the chair.
  3. Cracking Your Back. You are now ready to crack your back. As you relax yourself, you will feel that your weight shifts to your lower back. As this happens, your back will crack. You may need to do this several times to get your entire spine to crack.

You should never attempt to crack your back if you are experiencing intense back pain. There could be a serious medical condition going on, so you should seek the advice of a medical professional.

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