How To Create A Campaign In Operation Flashpoint

Learning how to create a campaign in "Operation Flashpoint" is a great way to get to play the game with your friends and set your own rules. If you want to play the game your way, just use these simple steps in order to create your campaign. In the end you will end up with the game you want to play, just follow these simple steps.

Things you'll need:

  • "Operation Flashpoint" game
  • Gaming console
  1. Turn on your console. How you do this will depend on what console you are using. This game is out for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Do this the way you normally would and insert the game disk. Then you can go ahead and open the game the way that you usually would. For PC users who have installed the game, you can simply turn on the PC and double-click on the desktop icon for "Operation Flashpoint."
  2. If you do have a gamer profile already created, make one. The specific steps will depend on the system you are using, but the console should guide you though creating a player profile for "Operation Flashpoint."
  3. Open the main menu of "Operation Flashpoint." This will open when the game loads. Once the menu is loaded you can choose the "Campaign Game" option in order to create a new campaign in "Operation Flashpoint." From here you will see the settings you can choose from during the campaign. Customize as you see fit and then you can begin to play in your new campaign in "Operation Flashpoint."
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