How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

If you want to simplify life but look your best, you need to learn how to create a capsule wardrobe. Trendy and smart, the capsule wardrobe will give you enough clothes to look like you have an endless supply, yet your closet will have room to spare. The backbone of a well planned capsule wardrobe creates a sense of well being because you will always have something to wear, saving you time, money and the headache of nothing-to-wear syndrome.

  1. Start by choosing two neutral colors, including black, brown, gray, taupe, khaki, beige and navy. This foundation gives your capsule wardrobe a solid foundation to build on. Neutrals will go with any color, including other neutrals.
  2. Have two pairs of trousers in two of your neutral colors. Both of your trousers will go with any other pieces you pair them with from the capsule wardrobe after you create it. The trousers should be in solid colors, such as navy or khaki.
  3. Add a pair of blue denim jeans. A dark denim is the strongest color for the most versatile capsule wardrobe. If you want to add another pair of jeans, you may choose a different wash or color.
  4. In order to create a capsule wardrobe with the most versatility, you'll need a suit in a neutral color. Wear the suit pieces together for formal business and other dressy occasions. You may also split the suit and wear the pieces with other items.
  5. You'll need three to five casual, collared shirts to complete a capsule wardrobe. These may also be in neutral colors, accent colors and prints to add more interest and visual appeal. A good mix would be three solids, one stripe and one plaid shirt. All your shirts will go with both pairs of trousers and the trousers from your suit.
  6. Have at least one white or light blue dress shirt. You can wear this with your suit, trousers or jeans. Add the jacket and a tie to dress it up or roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.
  7. One or two V-neck sweaters enable you to create layers. Have one sweater in a neutral color and the other in your favorite accent color. Wear them over any of your shirts, with or without a tie.
  8. A well designed trench coat is timeless and classic. Wear it with any of your clothes during cold or inclement weather. It will go with your suit, your trousers or jeans.
  9. Choose two pairs of shoes—one dressy and one casual. Match them to the neutrals you've selected for your trousers. Black shoes will go with black, gray, taupe, khaki or navy. Brown shoes go with brown, khaki and beige.

You'll need to add accessories, such as a tie, belts and a watch, to create the capsule wardrobe that is comprehensive and interesting. As items begin to show signs of wear, replace them with whatever is current but not too trendy, so you'll always look fresh, well put-together and in style.

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