How To Create A DVD Menu

So you've finished putting together your award winning movie and now you want to know how to create a DVD menu. Fortunately for all you movie makers, there are loads of programs available that make creating DVD menus both quick and easy. For this tutorial we will be using Sony's DVD Architect. If you don't have DVD Architect, don't worry, this process will be more or less the same no matter what program you are using.

  1. Create DVD chapter screen. The first step in creating a DVD menu is making a chapter screen. To do this, begin by importing your movie into DVD Architect by selecting File-New and choosing Menu Based from the New Project window. Once clicked, you’ll be prompted to choose the movie you wish to make into a DVD, and then asked to name your DVD menu. Once your movie is imported it will be displayed in the lower right hand corner. The viewer should now display an icon list of your chapters, and a list of corresponding Links should be displayed in the menu to the left of the viewer as well.
  2. Choose a background. When you first create a DVD menu, DVD Architect will display it with its default boring-blue background. Since this isn’t something that necessarily screams “excitement,” you’re going to want to update it to something a little more action packed. Do this by selecting the themes tab in the bottom left hand corner and choosing one of the many prepackaged DVD menu themes, or upload your own by selecting video from the Menu Page Properties window to the right and selecting replace. You can find additional DVD menu backgrounds-many for free-by simply searching around online.
  3. Add music to your menu. Now that the you’ve created the bulk of your DVD menu, it’s time to add some finishing touched by incorporating an audio track. To do this, select Audio from the Menu Page Properties window and click replace. Once you’ve selected an audio track, click the Preview button at the top of the viewer to check out your DVD menu!

Creating a DVD menu is a simple, straightforward process that will take you about five minutes to whip together once you get the hang of it. Keep in mind that everything explained in this tutorial is purely basic procedure, and that there are many more effects and customizations available for those who get to know their software. Play around with creating DVD menus and see what you like!



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