How To Create Fillable PDF Forms

There are many reasons why one would need to know how to make a fillable PDF form. People that own or manage their own businesses are always looking for ways to make their businesses more streamlined and efficient, and having a form that they can reuse depending on the occasion is a great thing to know. In truth, making a PDF form that is capable of being filled out multiple times is not as difficult as one might believe. All you need to do is to follow the following steps, and it can be as simple as anything.

  1. The first thing to do is to write the form. It is often a hassle to write a form out in the PDF program, so creating it with another piece of software is often a good idea. Usually, Microsoft Word or OpenOffice are the best programs to use for this, but there are other programs. Just type out what you generally want the form to look like, without the fillable segments.
  2. Open that document using Adobe Acrobat or NitroPDF. These are the two programs that are most often used to edit and create PDF files. To open your file, just find it in your document section, and it will be copied onto the PDF file.
  3. Draw a box around the areas of the form that you want to be capable of re-filling. Just hit the draw tool and you will be able to create a box. Each time you draw a box, it will ask you to edit it. From here, just indicate that you want that part to be fillable.
  4. Save the PDF. Once it is saved, it can be opened and edited at any time and can now be used as a fillable form.

Once all of these steps are followed, making a fillable form on a PDF file can be done by just about anyone. 

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