How To Create Football Defense Formations

How to create football defense formations is very similar to creating offensive formations. Defense formations can be greater in number and easier than offensive formations. Each formation that is created has to be made with the offense in mind. This way, the offense does not sneak the defense and take advantage of the formation. The following below will show you how to correctly make defensive formations.

  1. 4-3 defensive formation is to stop opposing offense. Defense is a predetermined alignment of defensive players on the field. This formation consists of four linemen and three linebackers for the front seven line up. With four lineman on the front line for defense, the three fullbacks behind are way stronger than the linemen just in case the offense happens to pass through the first four.
  2. Over/under 4-3 defense is a variation of the basic 4-3 formation. This formation is used with a very strong front in alignment. This formation allows the defense to shift more of the front linemen to the suspected point of tackling. One side may be weaker than the other, so with this formation, it allows you to shift to the strong side where you know offense will pass through. The weak side will be guarded by the under linebackers.
  3. 6-1 defense formation is also a variation of the 4-3 formation. This formation is four down alignment and three linebackers on the front line which should always equal seven. Before the play is actually made, two linebackers move up on the defensive line, placing a total of six defenders. Each linebacker has potential to place themselves either directly on the line of scrimmage or behind it. This gives the offense a questionable thought as to where the weak or strong side is.
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