How To Create Natural Double Eyelid

Many Asians are in search of how to create natural double eyelids even though Asian eyes are nice the way they are. In terms of culture, Asian eyes are very appealing and can become more appealing with a few enhancements. Alluring eyes attract people and boost confidence and personality. Here are some guidelines to creating natural double eyelids.

Before anything else, scout for quality products that you can use:

  • Double eyelid glue
  • Double eyelid tape that has a medical grade and a very strong acid for skin
  • Glycolic acid, lactic acid, AHA or Kojic acid (manufacturers label them from 5%, 8% to 10%)
  1. Determine where you want to create your double eyelid. You have to be decided where to have it fixed. Determine the line and stick to where you want it to be. It helps to apply double eyelid glue when you are out at work or for your daily activities outside your home. You can use some makeup to hide the glue or you can choose glue that looks natural in color. Regular use will help enhance a shape on your eyelids and will encourage fat cells within the eyelid to move at the line determined.
  2. Continue the use of the double eyelid glue and tape method. You will eventually feel a little irritation, a normal reaction of the skin as it adjusts to the new line that you want your eyelid to follow.
  3. The double eyelid glue will cause your eye to redden after wearing it for a day. Use the eyelid tape to make the crease. With the tape on, apply a little acid on top of the eyelid with the tape on. You will feel a little stinging effect and will redden your skin. The acid will create a little abrasion above the taped eyelid. When you repeat the procedure two to three times, it will create a scar that should look natural. This scar will effectively create a double eyelid.
  4. Let the scar heal before doing repeating scarring through acid. Your skin is sensitive and we don’t want to invite infections on the scar so before continuing the method, let the first scar heal. However, when the scar heals and you see that it is enough to create a double eyelid, you could stop there.
  5. Your eyelids will really get irritated so give it a rest if this is the case. You may skip a night without the tape on but remember to put it back on when you wake up in the morning.
  6. It is necessary to take caution when applying the acid over your eyelid. When some acid enters your eye, wash it immediately with water.
  7. You should know if you have a sensitive skin. Consult a dermatologist if you are not sure. Do not use acids over your eyelids when you have sensitive skin. Most importantly, it is vital to take precaution when doing this method of creating a natural double eyelid using acid as it can cause blindness.
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