How to Create Spy Gadgets Out of Household Items

Every good spy needs to know how to create spy gadgets out of household items for when Q isn't available to provide the latest gear. Whether you need to do top-secret surveillance or hide classified items and information, we've got you covered. Many household items are perfect for turning into clever spy gadgets; read on for some tips on taking advantage of the household items you deal with every day.

To create spy gadgets out of household items, you will need:

  • A box of tissues
  • A digital camera
  • A box cutter
  • An old book with at least a one-inch spine
  1. Make a hidden surveillance station from a tissue box. Pull the tissues out of the box. Set them aside.
  2. With the box cutter, cut a small, half-inch diameter hole in the side of the box. For this spy gadget to work properly, the hole should be at the level of your digital camera's lens.
  3. Set the camera to its recording setting. Place it inside the spy gadget box, with the lens against the hole. Stuff a tissue or two back in the box, partially sticking out of the top. This way, your setup will continue to look like a normal household item.
  4. Feign grabbing a tissue to start the camera in its camouflaged compartment. Reach in and nonchalantly press the button to start secretly recording.
  5. Make a spy gadget book safe from an old book. Open the book to about page twenty. Draw a rectangle on the next page that leaves a one-inch margin.
  6. Hollow out the pages in the middle of the book by cutting a hole that is about three-quarters-of-an-inch deep, on the line you drew. Remove the centers of the pages.
  7. Place secret items or information inside the hollowed-out book. Close it, and place it inconspicuously on a shelf of books.

In a pinch, you now know how to create spy gadgets out of household items. Now you have a few more covert ways to carry on your furtive spy activities.

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