How To Create Your Own Battlefield Vietnam Mods

Making your own "Battlefield Vietnam" mods is not an easy process. You can however, add items to" Battlefield Vietnam" maps without too much effort. The process involves copying the wanted file into a new map.  Of course, if you want to make more complicated mods, you need programming skills beyond that of the average gamer.

  1. Locate the folder where the maps for "Battlefield Vietnam" are located. Copy this folder to the desktop or someplace else where you will remember its location. When you extract the file, you should see the list of objects. If you have an Electronic Arts folder in the "My Programs" folder of your desktop, it is a good idea to begin looking there.
  2. Find a map with the item you want to add to the map. You can even use map items from other "Battlefield" titles if you want to greatly alter the experience of Battlefield Vietnam. Place this file in the directory.
  3. Move the map back into the "Battlefield Vietnam" map folder. Use notepad to open the Init.con and type the following lines.: “textureManager.alternativePath bf1942/levels/<<<Name_of_Map>>>/Texture” and “run objects/objects”
  4. Change the name of the map to the actual name of your mapStart"Battlefield Vietnam" and load the desired map. If all goes well, the item you placed on the map should show up and be available for players to use. 

If you have artistic skills, you can also change the graphics files using an image editor. Changing the image does not change the way they operate in "Battlefiled Vietnam."

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