How To Create Your Own Football Helmet Logos

Knowing how to create your own football helmet logos will save you money. Whether for fantasy leagues, high schools or community teams, a football team's logo is the identifier for the group. On a daily worn hat, or a football helmet, when displayed everyone who sees it will know who you represent. Take into consideration printing and design program costs before deciding on your final method of creation.

To create your own football helmet logo you will need

  • Design program or artist
  • Team name
  • Mascot
  1. Decide on method of creation. To create your own football helmet logo you will need a method of design. There are plenty of logo creating computer software available. These programs are typically simple to use, but most limit the images you have available for use. Choosing a an actual graphic designer or artist to work with takes away any barriers in the design. Carefully consider the cost of both methods before proceeding. In the case of a community team, a local artist or graphic designer may be willing to donate work for the cause.
  2. Pick a mascot. Every team needs a mascot. Before you can create your own football helmet logo, you will need to choose a mascot to represent your team. This mascot is incorporated into the logo as a visual representation of the team. For example, The NFL team from Denver has a horse head to represent them as The Broncos. The Chicago Bears have a bear head. If your team is the Badgers, consider a picture of the small critter growling. If you are the Brawlers, think in terms of a clinched fist or a shadow boxer wearing a football helmet.
  3. Incorporate your team name and mascot. In final preparations to create your own football helmet logo, incorporate your team name into a picture with your mascot. Design the letters of the team name in a circle around the mascot or place the name inside if possible. For example, the University of Wisconsin Badgers have  their name on a tee-shirt worn by the mascot.  Also consider placing a football helmet on your mascot with the first letter of the team name on the side.
  4. Place the logo on your helmet. Once you create your own football helmet logo, have the artist print on the helmet or on stickers to attach to the helmet.
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