How To Cricket

Are you interested in learning how to Cricket? Cricket must be the easiest break dancing move that you can learn after the the six step footwork. It involves balancing on your elbow, hand glide position, and pumping up with the other hand in a circular motion. A cricket is usually used to start off a windmill because it's easier to get a momentum from it. It can also be used in a number of combinations like six step footwork to cricket to windmill and vice versa. Follow these easy steps and you can learn it in a day.

  1. Safety first! Cricket is easy to learn, but we can't take away safety. Stretch both arms and wrist. Your weight will be on your wrist most of the time, so it is imperative to get them ready. It is also not wise to practice on a full stomach because your elbow will be pumping on your stomach as you spin. Finally, break out the Adidas shoes for comfort and turn the beat around!
  2. Assume the hand glide position. Face down, right palm flat on the ground and stomach on right elbow. Find your center line and balance body on elbow.
  3. Spread legs apart. Spreading your legs apart will help you gain balance and motion.
  4. Left hand for support and motion. Lay left hand flat on the ground and use it to keep balance. Spin your body using your left hand. The key is to push your body up using your left hand and then catch yourself on your right elbow as you spin. Be really careful not to break your wrist because your body is only being supported by your wrist, so take your time. Your wrist will eventually gain the motor skills and strength as you do this over and over again.

Cricket is a fun break dancing move to learn and easy to do. Its so fun to do, some people are able to spin forever until they get dizzy and fall into a windmill. Keep in mind, like any break dancing moves, practice makes it perfect. Stay safe, and don't forget to have fun with it!

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