How To Crip Walk Like Snoop Dogg

 Let's take a look at how to Crip Walk like Snoop Dogg. The Crip Walk originated in Los Angeles, California, specifically Compton, by the Crip street gang in the 1970s. It has managed to remain popular thanks to the entertainment industry and Snoop Dogg (a well known Crip) by including it in his music videos.

  1. Act like an OG. Snoop Dogg is classified an as OG or "original ganster" because he has been down for the cause for a long time. So its crucial that you adapt some of his mannerisms. For example, stand with an intimidating pose first like an OG.
  2. Use your heels. Mostly, the dance consists of rotating the heels and balls of the feet to move in a side to side fashion. Start by taking your left foot, put it on the heel, and hop. You can also mix in a little side to side to get the Crip Walk going like Snoop Dogg does in the "Drop it like its hot video."
  3. Shuffle. This can be added in to to form the basis of the Crip Walk. To do a shuffle, stand with your feet apart, stand on your toes, and slide side to side two or more times. Now repeat the Crip Walk again. Snoop Dogg uses the shuffle a lot in videos to give the heel and ball actions some flair.
  4. Improvise. So now that you have a god idea of how to Crip Walk like Snoop Dogg, its time to start adding your own flavor to the routine. You can use your heel and toe simultaneously with a faster pace or use your hands for emphasis. When it is performed by gang members, the feet are often manipulated to spell out Crip.
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