How To Crip Walk

Do you want to learn how to Crip Walk? The Crip Walk is an intricate looking dance with less than complicated maneuvers, but when the dancer chains these moves together a cool dance is created. What makes the Crip Walk look so cool is how the dancer moves to the beat. At first glance, it appears as if the Crip Walk is nothing more than skipping around in a circle. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Taking a closer look at the Crip Walk will reveal the the dancer's ability to manipulate their legs and feet in rather complex rhythmic ways. You can see at some points during the dance that the dancers two legs move in unison, while at other moments they seem to compliment each other's movements. Well, lets learn how to Crip Walk.

  1. Your hips. If you can't move your hips then you won't be able to perform a good Crip Walk. Everything starts with the hips. You've got to keep them on a swivel. You won't be able to make the necessary leg movements if your hips aren't mobile. So for the first step, practice your hip swivel. Play a Dr. Dre song and practice hopping back and forth swiveling your hips to the beat. Once you get that down you can practice moving your legs.
  2. The Legs. After you've got the hip action going you can practice your leg movements. You need to practice switching their positions in unison as well as doing separate simultaneous movements with them. First, practice swiveling your legs to both sides in unison. Both to the left, then both to the right. Then practice twisting your legs in opposite directions while still hopping and swiveling your hips. You need to get used to moving your legs in a variety of different ways. Remember, you have to be doing all of this to the beat of the song. it's not as complicated as it sounds. A little practice and you'll get this step down in no time.
  3. Your feet. These go without saying. Your feet are what will move you around to the beat. When you're "hopping" around, remember that you're not getting too far off of the ground. They're really quick hops. You should be hitting the ground and rising again very quickly. You should stay on the balls of your feet for the majority of the time, though at certain points in the dance you can see Crip Walk dancer's briefly landing on their heels.
  4. Tricks. The Crip Walk would be boring if the dancer didn't add his or her own flare to it. It's all about being creative. Quickly hopping and swiveling on one leg, or criss-crossing your legs in mid dance are an example of adding a few tricks to your moves. Remember, as long as the basic moves are mastered, you can add anything to the dance you want. This is what makes the dance cool, the ability for the individual dancer to add their own feel to it.
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