How To Crochet A Rug

Have you been interested in crocheting and want to learn how to crochet a rug? Crochet is the art of using yarn and a crochet hook to create something great. One of the easiest types of rugs to crochet for beginners is a double crochet stitch rug. As you crochet the rug you can determine the size that you want it to be, and keep in mind the more yarn that you use the heavier the rug will be. Learning to crochet a rug does take some practice, but can easily be learned and mastered.

To crochet a rug you need:

  • crochet hook J
  • yarn (average weight)
  1. Make a chain. Throughout this crochet rug project you will be working with two pieces of yarn together. Tie a slip knot by holding the pieces of yarn together between your fingers. Once you make a slip knot, place the crochet hook inside of the slip knot and make 65 chain stitches with the two pieces of yarn.
  2. Do a double crochet to begin row one.  Skipping the first three chain stitches, begin to double crochet back across the chain. In the top of the fourth chain is where you will be begin your first double crochet stitch. To do a double crochet stitch you begin by wrapping the yarn around the hook before you insert it through the chain. When you wrap the yarn, pull it through two of the stitches as you begin to remove them from the hook. Then, you repeat this process for then remaining two stitches on the hook. Continue to double crochet until you get to the end of the chain. 
  3. Crochet row two of your rug. First, turn the rug over. To turn the corner work three double crochet stitches in the last chain, then begin in the top of the first double crochet, and then back across your previous row make double crochets. In the top of the last row there will be two loops in which you will be able to stitch. Do a double crochet through both of these two loops, and then continue the double crochet to the end of the row.
  4. Continue to crochet the remaining rows on your rug. Repeat row two for approximately 58 additional rows, or until your reach your desired size of the rug.
  5. Tie off your crochet rug. Once your rug gets to your desired size you will need to tie it off. To tie off your crochet rug first make three single crochet chains. Next, slip stitch your last single crochet chain to the top two loops in the row below the double crochet, and this will tie it off.  Enjoy your new crochet rug.
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