How To Crochet Tennis Shoes

Learning how to crochet tennis shoes is an easy process, if you know how to crochet. If you can't crochet, then you'll need to do a bit more work to learn the crocheting process. If you know a friend who can crochet, simply design the shoe and farm out the actual crocheting. You'll need a few things to crochet the shoes, including;

  • tennis shoes
  • crochet yarn
  • crochet hooks
  • heavy-duty embroidery thread and needles
  • shoe laces
  • graph paper and pencil
  • big, bigger and biggest safety pins
  1. Design a pattern using the actual shoe top. A sock-type shoe tennis shoe top works well, if you can live with a sock on the top of your tennis shoes. It is a style that mates Eskimo-type commercial slippers with urban basketball shoes. It's not for everyone, but it might work for you. You have to a sense of your own style to pull this one off. If sock tops don't appeal to you, design a low top that keeps your foot in the shoe, even while walking. How to crochet tennis shoes involves fashion for the strong of heart.
  2. Use graph paper to make a pattern for each shoe. Remember that shoes have a right and left pattern. It is not the same. Using the shoe as a model, draw the tennis shoe of your dreams with a crochet top. Use graph paper to give an idea of general measurements.
  3. Use the tape measure to get the shoe's measurements. This is time to take down the measurement of the actual shoe before you cut loose on it. Note the measurements of the shoe on the graph paper next to the design. 
  4. Cut down the tops of the tennis shoes. The cutting line should be drawn at a natural seam in the shoe design. Cutting across the seam lines means the shoe might unravel or fall apart. Believe it or not; shoes are actually designed with support and an overall stress pattern. Cut across one of the lines and it ruins the shoe. It would be the ultimate disaster to spend time doing the hand work to have it fall apart the first time the shoes are worn. Look for major seams and cut directly above the line on the shoes to eliminate a shoe meltdown. Depending on the shoe, it may mean you have a small area for the crochet insert. If your design sucks with one shoe, pick a different pair of shoes to cut up. There are wide variations in shoe design. You're bound to find one that is suitable for a crochet project. 
  5. Crochet the top of both shoes. Use the crochet needles and do your magic. If you don't crochet, give the pattern to someone else and ask them to do their magic making the crochet tops for the tennis shoes. 
  6. Try on the tennis shoes and pin the new crochet tops to the bottoms. How to crochet tennis shoes gets a bit tricky in this step. Use the safety pins to hook the new crochet section to the shoes. You'll need to gather in some parts and finesse the yarn in others. Work with it. You may need a ton of safety pins to get the job done. The bigger the pin, the better. Tiny pins are tough to hook onto tennis shoe material.
  7. Attach the crochet tops to both shoes. Once you have the shoes and tops aligned to your personal satisfaction, put on the shoes and try out the design. You may need more adjustment to make the shoes comfortable. Once everything is all good, use the embroidery thread and needle to attach the crochet tops to the shoes.
  8. Add laces. Carefully string in the laces and get walking.
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