How To Cross Step On A Longboard

Learning how to cross step on a longboard skateboard is a great way to add style to your longboarding repertoire.  Cross stepping on a longboard skateboard is very similar to cross stepping on a longboard surfboard, and many of the same skills transfer. Improving your style on the asphalt will lead to better style in the water.

  1. Balance and speed are the two keys to cross stepping on a longboard. Do not attempt to cross step if you are moving too slow, as this will cause a fall.
  2. Go straight You will not be able to turn while cross stepping on a longboard, and only advanced riders will be able to turn the board from the nose, so make sure you have plenty of straight pavement ahead.
  3. Cross step To cross step on a longboard, transfer most of your weight towards the front of the board and lift your back foot. Quickly cross your back foot in front of the back foot, and transfer your weight to the new front foot (normal back foot). After the weight transfer, swing your new back foot (normal front foot) around behind the planted foot. This motion will bring a rider closer to the nose.
  4. Reverse To move back towards the tail, simply reverse this process.
  5. Style Practicing your cross step on a longboard skateboard is a great way to practice for surfing. Some riders actually teach themselves to cross step on a longboard skateboard and then transfer those skills to surfing. Practicing this maneuver will lead to increased style and fluidity. 
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