How To Crossover Like Allen Iverson

Ball players that can learn how to crossover like Allen Iverson have developed a powerful offensive tool to add to their respective games. To crossover like Allen Iverson means having the ability to create space between you and your defender rather quickly. Creating this space allows you the opportunity to shoot a quick jump shot or to drive to the lane while your opponent is on his heels. If you want to crossover like Allen Iverson, excellent ball handling ability is just one of the athletic elements you need. Yes, understanding how to crossover like Allen Iverson is much more cerebral then you would think. Follow these guidelines to crossover like Allen Iverson.

  1. Ball handling. If you can't dribble the ball then there's no way you'll be able crossover like Allen Iverson. So, make sure you can handle the ball exceptionally well. Practice ball handling drills early and often so that you can use your left hand just as well as your right. Once dribbling becomes second nature, you can move on to the more advanced aspects of doing crossovers like Allen Iverson.
  2. Foot speed and quickness. If you've seen this guy on the floor you know he runs faster with the ball than everyone else without the ball can. You need to up your foot speed. There's hundreds of foot speed drills you can do to elevate your quickness. Take for instance, the drill when you run in place without lifting your feet too far off the ground. This promotes quick movement. Well whatever drills you choose, make sure you're quick, really quick.
  3. The deception. Allen Iverson's real talent is the ability to lure his opponent one way, then use his ball handling skills and quickness to dart in the other direction. If you want to crossover like Allen Iverson you need to learn how to sell your fakes. Watch what he does. He'll dribble in one direction at a slightly slower pace, only to cross the ball to his other hand and accelerate. And these are his easier moves to the basket.
  4. Cause confusion. Allen Iverson's crossover is so successful because of his ability to stop and change directions on a dime. Not only that, but he can toy with his defender by dazzling his opponent with quick moves and smooth ball handling. In short he keeps his opponent on his toes because the opponent never really knows what Iverson's going to do. This is the reason for developing your handles and quickness. It keeps the defender from being able to lock on to you when you have the ball. With a little creativity on your part you can keep your defender guessing as well.
  5. Be two steps ahead. Allen Iverson's moves are calculated. As wild as they may seem, Iverson always knows what he's doing. He's constantly trying to bait his defender so he can blow by the guy. If, at any given time, the defender has a lapse or reaches for the ball, you know Iverson's going to pass him up. The most important aspect to doing a crossover like Allen Iverson is the ability to predict how your defender will react to maneuvers you do. It's basically taking whatever the defender gives you and figuring out how to get by them. If they play you too close you can blow right by them. If they lag back a little, a quick crossover can open up your jump shot. The beauty to Iverson's game is his ability to lure his opponent into feeling comfortable then pulling the rug from under them. It's much more important to understand these things about Iverson's crossover then to try to mirror a move he does.
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