How to Crush a Beer Can on Your Head

If you want to impress the ladies but drinking a six pack, not having one is more your style, then learn how to crush a beer can on your head. That's right! This classic party  trick is a crowd pleaser sure to steal you the spotlight. Of course, without a few inside tips you may miss  your moment of glory and end up passed out on the floor like a meat head sissy. But don't let that stop you. We have the essential pointers needed to flawlessly pull off the whole beer can crushing routine. So, go on and mercilessly crush those cans like the meat head stud we know you can be.

To crush a beer can on your head, you will need:

  • An empty beer can
  • Your head
  1. Hold the end of the can you drank from (the side with the tab) in the center of your hand.
  2. Place your fingers around the can making sure the tops of your fingers press into the side of the can.
  3. Raise your hand to the top of your head announcing, "One", while slightly adding more force to the can. Do not actually crush the can on your head yet, but pull it back away from your head.
  4. Repeat "Step 3" two more times (announcing "Two", then "Three") until you count to three out loud. Add slightly more pressure each time.
  5. On "three", crush the can against your head while pushing the side of the can with your fingers. By simultaneously crushing the sides of the can at the same time it makes impact with your head, your head will crush the can.

Warning: If you don't squeeze the can to create a weakness with the tips of your fingers, the force of the can could cause head damage.



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