How To Cuddle In Bed

If you are looking to give her a little intimacy, take the time to learn how to cuddle in bed. Before or after sex, or even when that is the furthest thing from anyone's mind, this is a great way to get close to one another. If you know how to cuddle in bed, you are going to make your partner a very happy woman.

  1. If she isn't already there, ask her to come and lay down with you in the bed. Most women would be not only willing, but glad to take some time to cuddle in bed. If you two are already in bed,  there won't be any need to ask her to stay if you are cuddling.
  2. Be close to each other. In order to cuddle in bed, the two of you need to be right next to each other as close as possible. If she is on the other side of the bed, pull her closer.
  3. Take her in your arms. One of the best ways to cuddle in bed is to just hold her close with your arms around her. You may want to lay on your back with her head on your shoulder. Just make sure that at least one of your arms is around her.
  4. You can choose to lay side by side like spoons. Have her lay on her side. You can lay behind her with one arm over the top of her. Your body can just mold to hers like two spoons laying side by side. This is one of the most common ways to cuddle in bed because it is comfortable for both people and it is even easy to fall asleep this way.
  5. Be affectionate. Because there is nothing for the two of you to do besides cuddle in bed, take the time to run your fingers through her hair or over her skin. When you cuddle in bed, it isn't just about laying there. It is about enjoying some intimate time together.
  6. Consider giving her a compliment. When you cuddle in bed, you are usually lined up perfectly to be able to whisper something quietly in her ear. It doesn't have to be anything amazing, but it is a great time to just tell her how much you love her, how great she looks, or how special she is to you. These types of comments add to the experience of cuddling in bed.

If you know how to cuddle in bed, the woman in your life is going to enjoy that special time that you spend together this way.

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