How To Cuddle

Knowing how to cuddle shows a affectionate side to your partner when you are alone or distant from others. It is an unspoken word showing you care and embracing an innocent touch. Cuddling also makes you feel loved and joyful, allowing two people to share the gift of togetherness. 

  1. Spooning. One of the ways to cuddle is spooning, where two people lay together in bed, either relaxing together or position themselves before sleeping. This form of cuddling allows both people to lie on their sides, and one person, usually female, has her back turn while the male wrap his arms around their girlfriend or wife, with his back against the woman's chest.
  2. Resting head on shoulder. This form of cuddling is highly popular and normally happens when both people is sitting down. One partner places their head on the other shoulder while they relax or fall asleep. The one who is not resting their head, usually wrap one arm around their partner. The cuddling position can take place on a couch or while together on a bus or train.
  3. Resting head on lap. One of the most romantic cuddling positions is resting the head on the other person's lap. This form of cuddling often happens when a couple is at a park, enjoying a beautiful day. The person laying down head or face is sometimes caressed.
  4. Leaning head on chest. Women love lying their head down on their man's chest and it is a perfect cuddling position while relaxing at home watching TV or out on a date at a movie theatre.
  5. Arms around waist. This is another cuddling men often do and usually done while sitting down on a couch. However, it is most popular in public when couples express love for each other; the couple stand while the man hands wrap around their lady's waist while they kiss or look in each other's eyes.
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