How To Cuff Jeans

Need to know how to cuff jeans? Men can cuff their jeans to get a different look or solve a length issue. In fact, it is easier to cuff jeans than any other type of pant because the material is durable, yet strong. Follow these steps to learn how to properly cuff your jeans.

To cuff jeans you will need:

  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Ironing starch spray
  • full length mirror
  1. Determine the size of the cuff. While wearing the jeans, look in the mirror to determine where the cuff should be.
  2. Cuff the pants. Roll the ends of the pant legs upward so the inside seam shows. If you don't want the inside seam to show, roll the pant legs on the inside. The width of the cuff should be determined by how much of the pant length needs to be taken up and how many layers you want.  The more layers your cuff has, the tighter the cuff will be on your legs.
  3. Play with different cuffed looks. Change the length and thickness of the cuff until you are satisfied with the look. To make sure the cuff is the right length, put on a pair of shoes. The end of the pant legs should stop in the middle of the shoe heel.
  4. Iron the cuff. Take off the jeans and place them on the ironing board one leg at a time. Do not remove the cuff. Set the iron to the cotton setting and wait for it to heat up. While you are waiting, make sure the cuffs are straight and even with one another. After the iron is hot, iron the cuffs in different directions for about 30 seconds. Turn the pants over and iron the cuffs again. Iron the other cuff the same way. For a stiffer cuff, spray ironing starch on the cuffs before ironing.
  5. The cuffs can be removed. The cuffs are not permanent, so it is possible to switch up the look. Simply unroll the cuffs and wash the jeans.
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