How To Cuff Sleeves

Learning how to cuff sleeves correctly is a work of art. Many people just assume that you roll the sleeves up, but this can look very sloppy. You have to use proper technique to correctly cuff shirt sleeves so they look professional and suave. There are actually several ways to cuff your sleeves and look good.

Method One:

  1. Fold the sleeve material over the width of the cuff. To do this, first remove any cuff links that you may be wearing. Take the cuff and fold it up so that the material is the same width as the cuff. Make sure that the fold is very smooth and not lumpy.
  2. Keep folding the cuff over and over, smoothing as you go. Fold the cuff over until your sleeve is at the desired length. The rolled sleeve can be secured with a safety pin or with a rubber band. If a rubber band is used, place it on your arm over the sleeve before you fold it and place it over the second to last fold to hold it in place without it being seen.

Method Two:

  1. The other method that can be used is to fold over the sleeves before you put the shirt on. You can take the sleeve and pull the end to where it would be two or three inches over the elbow. Then iron the sleeve and fold again, stopping two or three inches before the end of the sleeve. Iron again and fold over maybe one or two more times.
  2. Take the last bit of material that is sticking out, and fold it over the folds to hide the exposed seams. This method of folding cuffs looks a little more professional. You can then put the shirt on and secure the cuffs with a pin.  
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