How To Cufflink A Shirt

It's a smart idea to learn how to cufflink a shirt if you're the type of man who likes to pay attention to details when you step out on the town. Cufflinks are a classy yet simple finishing touch to any man's formal outfit.

  1. Put on your shirt. Always pull on your shirt first before you cufflink a shirt. It should be a clean button down shirt (dress shirt) if you're planning to use cufflinks. Button up your shirt and leave the cuffs open (unbuttoned). Pull them down straight.
  2. Fold the cuffs and match the holes. Pull each open cuff back so the holes lines up with the other set of holes on the sleeve. Make sure that you take your time to crease the fold so that the holes line up almost perfectly when you cufflink a shirt.
  3. Hold the cuff edges together. Keep your folds down in the same position with your fingers. It's easiest to hold the cuffs together at the bottom when you cufflink a shirt (or to have your wife or girlfriend do it).
  4. Insert cufflinks. Run the cufflink through the lined up holes. The decorative part of the cufflink should show out when you place your hands at your sides when you cufflink a shirt. Make sure that it's facing out, then connect the closure to the other side of the cufflink to keep it in place. Pull your sleeves all the way down and throw on your jacket–you're ready to step out on the town.
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