How To Cum Better For Females

We've received so many requests on how to cum (reach orgasm) for females that we've written this how to cum better for females just for you. Female orgasms can be an elusive goal for so many reasons. Our guide will show women how to cum better for more orgasms. 

  1. Clear your mind. Women have been known to destroy their female orgasms before they can even get started by thinking too much, about everything. Stop worrying about whether or not you'll orgasm, stop tripping on whether or not you'll squirt, and for crying out loud, stop thinking about everything else that's going on in the world. Focus on the pleasure, the intense euphoric feelings of sexual tension and buildup, live in the moment, and allow your release to trigger your orgasm on its own. 
  2. Eliminate distractions. Men have an innate ability to compartmentalize their lives. The baby could be coughing fitfully in his sleep, but as long as he's sleeping and the house is not on fire, he's focused on getting his nut. You need to learn how to do the same, or, if you're a guy, get your girl to follow suit behind you. Get a babysitter if you must, turn off the phone, and dammit stop thinking about all that crap at work. Leaving the stress at the office, or just outside the bedroom period, will allow you to focus on what you need: a juicy female orgasm that will destress and relax you enough to handle everything on a more peaceful scale. 
  3. Think sexy, act sexy, feel sexy, be sexy. Sexiness is a state of mind. You can't just turn your sexy on and off, although you can turn the volume up and down. In order to experience how to cum better as a female, you'll need to be in the mood to push as much sexy as possible into your life at all times. There's a book by the name of "The Sensuous Woman" by a writer known as "J". It's a timeless classic and totally necessary for you to read if you want to cum better and have more female orgasms. It will teach you how to feel and act as sexy as possible all the time, placing you in a pre-orgasmic state of mind that's better positioned to trigger orgasms. 
  4. Turn him on and turn him the hell out. Although for some, three or more are welcome, it usually only takes two people to have sex. One of the best ways to cum better-females, listen up!-is to stimulate his mind and his dick. Figure out what turns him (or other men) on in general, and play to those sexual triggers. Erotic dancing, especially lapdancing, really gets under a man's collar. If you can turn him on and tease him long enough, then he will make it his mission to destroy you in bed. Don't be scared, that's a good thing; it simply means he will do whatever is necessary to make you hit the roof and love it, even if you need a cold compress for your head when it's over. 
  5. Practice G-Spot stimulation. The G-spot is the magic button inside of the vagina that's said to trigger liquid orgasms, or squirting orgasms in females. Females who want to cum better should definitely consider practicing the art of touching, massaging and fingering their G-spots (or having a partner do it for them) in order to truly get comfortable with this new release. Most women who can and do squirt say there's nothing like this erotic, juicy experience. 
  6. Doggystyle – Love it, Worship it, Deal with it. So many women complain about how doggystyle feels slutty or provides no intimacy. Get over it. Doggystyle provides a real opportunity to hit G-spots with friction. Men love other positions too, don't worry, but ladies, we're promising if you let go and learned to enjoy the ride, you will obviously understand how this primal position gives females outrageously crazy orgasms that will have their legs shaking like jello. 
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