How To Cum A Lot

Knowing how to cum a lot is the key to pleasure for some men and woman. Often, woman enjoy the visual or after effects of watching extra large loads of cum squirt out at the point of ecstasy. Excessive amounts of cum during ejaculation make some men feel young, manly and complete. There is no sure fire way to increase the amount of cum expelled during a sexual encounter. There are ways, however, to help increase the amount some, or increase the amount during a specific sexual experience. Be open to trying new experiences on your way to increasing the amount.

  1. Healthy eating. While there are no known vitamins or minerals that will make you cum a lot, healthy eating plays an overall role in a man's sexual health. Keeping all the vital organs in order and the running smoothly will assist a man to cum more than the unhealthy male.
  2. Wearing boxers. Another theory to assist in making a male cum a lot is to wear boxers instead of briefs. The theory is that the less restrictive boxers lower the temperature and increase sperm count. Increase sperm count can result in increase cum amount.
  3. Hydration. Sperm is only one part of cum. The majority of cum is composed of other liquids. Keeping the body hydrated will keep ample amounts of fluid available in the body to assist the male to cum a lot.
  4. Prostate massage. To cum a lot, massage or have a partner massage the prostate. At first, this may feel intrusive. Relaxation will assist in this area. The prostate holds large amounts of cum, and massaging it properly releases the fluid during ejaculation.
  5. Wait for it. To cum a lot, increase the time of foreplay during sex. Touch, massage and slowed actions of oral sex and intercourse will increase the urgency and for some men, increase the amount of cum.

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