How To Cure Bad Breath Over The Counter

Avoid the embarrassment and gossip by knowing how to cure bad breath over the counter. While there are many products out there to remedy bad breath, many simply cover it up. However, bad breath is typically caused by bacteria and masking the odor does not help to solve the problem. Luckily, there are a few over the counter remedies for bad breath that can reduce and/or eliminate the occurrence.

  1. TREATMENT Treating the initial cause of bad breath is often enough to cure it. Taking care of any dental problems will require a trip to the dentist but other measures can be taken at home to cure bad breath over the counter. This includes brushing regularly, flossing, and rinsing with a product that has the capability to kill bacteria.
  2. HYDRATION Bad breath can often result from a dry mouth. To cure bad breath in this situation, simply moisten the mouth. This can be done by either drinking something, chewing gum , and/or rinsing the mouth. Certain beverages, such as green tea, are noted to significantly decrease bad breath. However, this effect is only short term.
  3. DIET Everyone knows that certain foods, onions for example, contribute to bad breath. What many may not know is that even foods without a repugnant odor can be responsible for bad breath. To cure bad breath over the counter, consider revamping the diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting back on sugar is an easy way to cure bad breath caused by stomach problems.
  4. QUICK FIX Occasional bad breath is a fact of life. Utilizing over the counter remedies such as breath mints and sprays are only temporary, but can be a quick fix when you need to cure bad breath.


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