How To Cure A Circumcision Infection

Learn how to cure a circumcision infection. Usually newborn infant boys get circumcised with in a few days to a week from birth unless the parents decide against having a circumcision. But there are guys out there who decide to get a circumcision when they are older. If something doesn't seem right after a circumcision, here are some ideas on what to be aware of.

You'll need a few things to cure a circumcision:

  • Awareness of your body
  • Know what an infected circumcision looks like
  • Vaseline
  • Doctors number if necessary


  1. Personal examination. If you have noticed that your circumcision is not it's normal color, is swollen and has pus coming out of it, feels painful and otherwise not like a circumcision should feel, you've pretty well learned that you have a circumcision infection.
  2. Basics of caring for circumcision. You are supposed to rub petroleum jelly around the tip of your penis at the circumcision to help it aid in healing, and make sure you are keeping the area clean with water to avoid getting a circumcision infection.
  3. Avoid infections from the get-go. Hopefully you don't get a circumcision infection. But if you do, and some of the basic tips for caring for your circumcision don't work, you may need to call your doctor for more help.

Studies have shown that circumcisions are not necessary in infants or adult men. Usually any infection you get on your penis can be treated in another way. Make sure you look in to your options including how to care for a circumcision. Make sure you take good, proper care of your circumcision so that you do not wind up getting a circumcision infection. Don't stop at one doctor if you hear something that makes you uncomfortable, you can always get a second opinion.

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