How To Cure Congestive Heart Disease

You can learn about congestive heart disease and if it is curable. It is a common condition that affects many people. Congestive heart disease is a problem where the heart can not contract properly and efficiently pump the blood throughout the body. The heart is a muscle and needs to be able to contract. Sometimes leaky valves can be the cause of the malfunction of the heart and its inability to efficiently pump blood. Other times it is related to poor lifestyle that has has caused your heart to not work efficiently. Living a healthy lifestyle plays a large role in how your heart works.

There are changes you can make to help cure heart disease.

  1. You will need to make a change in your diet. You can start with limiting the salt in your diet, eat a well-balanced diet of nutritious foods; such as, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats rather than red meats, and plenty of fiber and low fat foods.
  2. Exercise daily for a healthier heart. Exercise should consist of at least thirty minutes a day, and exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it up for at least half an hour.
  3. Change your habits to healthy ones. Bad habits such as too much alcohol and smoking need to stop. Smoking plays a big role in heart disease and should be stopped right away. In order to cure congestive heart disease, you need to live without bad habits like smoking and drinking.
  4. You can take medication. Diuretics help reduce fluid retention as well as reduce high blood pressure. Beta blockers help to reduce the heart rate.
  5. There are certain medical procedures that can be performed. One procedure is to repair a leaky mitral valve. Sometimes leaky valves prevent proper pumping action by the heart and repair of the valve is needed. Another is the implantation of a mechanical pump that helps to pump your blood more efficiently. A procedure called a cardiomyoplasty, requires the detachment of one end of a muscle in the back. Your surgeon will wrap it around the heart, then suture the muscle to the heart. Because back muscle contracts, it helps to pump your blood from the heart with the aid of an electrical stimulator. This procedure has shown good results for people suffering with congestive heart disease. 

There are many different forms of treatment for congestive heart disease. It is said that the disease itself is not curable, but you can treat it so that you can live a healthy life. Your doctor will know which form of treatment or treatments will be most beneficial for you and your condition.



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