How To Cure Forehead Whiteheads

Finding out how to cure forehead whiteheads is the first step in taking care of problematic skin. However, once whiteheads have been properly treated the goal should be to prevent and/or reduce such outbreaks. Combining a few simple techniques may often be enough to cure forehead whiteheads and aid in preventing further skin problems.

  • CLEANSE PROPERLY. Gentle washing with mild soap is all that is really needed. Those that "pop" or squeeze the forehead whiteheads should be sure to clean the skin immediately. Otherwise, the whiteheads will not really be cured. Rather, they can resurface and spread that bacteria to other areas, making the problem worse.
  • DECREASE EXFOLIATION. Exfoliation can be a great tool for the elimination of acne and blackheads but over doing it can result in whiteheads. To cure frequent forehead whitehead breakouts, exfoliation should be limited and only a mild agent should be used.
  • ASTRINGENT. This helps to cure forehead whiteheads by directly affecting and controlling oil, one of the most common causes of whiteheads. He that uses this particular technique should use caution though. Astringent can serve as a skin irritant and due to the oil combating properties can lead to dry, itchy skin.
  • TRIGGERS. Knowing what triggers outbreaks can save the time and trouble of curing whiteheads commonly found on the forehead. A few culprits can include ball caps, pillowcases, and touching the forehead frequently. Washing items that come into contact with the face regularly can be crucial to eliminate and cure troublesome whiteheads found on the face and forehead.


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