How To Cure Genital Herpes

Want to learn how to cure genital herpes naturally? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), genital herpes is not curable with modern day medicine. In order to cure genital herpes, you must turn to natural medicine and improve your health with proper sterilization and cleanliness. If you have genital herpes, this article is a must-read.

You must have:

  • Knowledge of the disease
  • Learn how to build up the immune system.
  • Have herbs, ointments and other natural remedies available
  1. What is genital herpes? Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that can appear with no signs. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and this infection lasts for life unless cured and treated naturally. The genital herpes appears as a cluster of blisters, which appear around the rectum or genitals. The blisters are very painful and generally last for around two to four weeks. Learning more about genital herpes will help you cure the disease. Once you have knowledge and understanding, you will be able to beat this once-thought incurable disease. 
  2. Cut the stress. Yes, stress is one of the main causes for an outbreak of genital herpes, so try to remain calm and remember to count to ten before exploding. Some teas to relax with are chamomile, anise and ginger tea made with black seeds (Nigella sativa, black cumin).
  3. Build up your immune system. In order to cure genital herpes, you must abstain from sex during an outbreak and do things naturally to build up your resistance. Some things that are good for building up your immune system are echinacea, pau d’arco, Nigella sativa, medicinal mushrooms and astragalus.  
  4. Change your diet. A healthy diet is a must with the elimination of all processed foods. Switch to organic and fresh foods. Adding garlic and herbs to your salads will increase your chances of being cured. Cat’s claw, Nigella sativa and olive leaf can be easily sprinkled on your salads. Adding some freshly squeezed aloe vera juice to your smoothies will increase the likelihood of your success.
  5. Cat’s claw and Nigella sativa wammo! The number one way to cure and treat genital herpes is with a combination of cat’s claw and Nigella sativa. Simply grind the two together, put the mixture in capsules and take three a day. Using a cat’s claw ointment on the blisters will help also.
  6. Aloe vera to the rescue! The second line of defense should be aloe vera. When an outburst appears, trim the hair back (if any) and apply the gel of the plant directly to the sores. Also a great all-around remedy is to juice the entire leaf (ten or more) and add the juice to one-fourth kilos of honey. Mix this well and add in one tablespoon of raw apple vinegar. Take this daily and hopefully your genital herpes will be gone forever.
  7. Best herbs for genital herpes. Many feel that the best treatments for genital herpes are Prunella vulgaris and colloidal silver (CS). Colloidal silver can be made at home with a simple silver generator or can be purchased online. 

Curing genital herpes begins with faith and empowerment. If you believe that you can achieve wellness with these natural medicines, you will be successful. The first sign of success is with those who know they will win. The person who knows they will win, can. Building up your immune system will get rid of the virus and eliminating the blisters with natural medicine is done with one of the above suggestions. 

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