How To Cure Hiccups

When you have hiccups, you want to know how to cure hiccups immediately.  Hiccups do not cause any physical problems to be concerned about. In fact, they are more of an annoyance than a physical problem. Hiccups occur for many reasons including eating too fast, stress and spasm of the diaphragm muscle, or swallowing excessive air. Just like there are many things that cause this condition, there are many ways to get rid of the hiccups.

Things you need to cure hiccups:

  • Cold water
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Lemon
  • Bread
  • Crushed ice
  1. Hold your breath.  Do this for a few minutes and count to ten slowly. This method cures hiccups because it increases your carbon dioxide level in your blood and eliminates the brain nerve impulses that control hiccups.  
  2. Get a glass of cold water, and drink it quickly to increase your blood carbon dioxide level.
  3. Obtain a teaspoon of honey and sugar. Combine both ingredients and eat the mixture to cure your hiccups.
  4. Try sucking on the wedge of a lemon. Sucking a lemon wedge usually stops hiccups so definitely worth a try.
  5. Get some water and gargle for several minutes and spit the water out after you gargle.  This procedure has proven successful in eliminating hiccups.
  6. Stop eating fast and swallowing excessive air. Eating and drinking slowly eliminates your hiccups.
  7. Get some dry bread and cut it into pieces. Chew the bread slowly this will stop the hiccups.
  8. Get some crushed ice and suck on the crushed ice to eliminate hiccups.

Tips and Warnings:

  1. Most hiccups go away shortly, but persistent hiccups that do not go away with home remedy may need further treatment. So, contact your doctor if you have persistent hiccups for that last a few days.
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