How To Cure Pain In Chest

Here are some instructions on how to cure chest pain. Chest pain does not always mean you should take a trip to the doctor. Anxiety attacks and stress can produce tension in the chest muscles or cause the heart to beat erratically. Chest pains can also be caused by heartburn, gas, smoking, or lack of exercise.  Here are some ways to determine what type of chest pains you are having, and ways to cure it on your own.

  1. If you are walking or running and chest pain strikes you, slow down and rest for a few minutes. Do not try to walk it off. If the pain increases, go to the doctor immediately.
  2. If the chest pain is related to stomach problems, then settle it with an antacid tablet, eat some crackers, drink a spoon of Maalox, or drink water. This will decrease your chest pain, and give you some relief. In the future, avoid foods that irritate your stomach.
  3. Drink soda, and try to make your self burp. Also try to pass gas. This will provide you some chest pain relief after a large meal.
  4. Quit smoking. Smoking constricts the blood vessels and makes the heart work harder. People who have chest pain often see a decline in chest pains within weeks of quitting.
  5. Relax, meditate, or take a vacation. Stress and anxiety buildup may create chest pain, which only makes you more stressed and anxious.

When to see your doctor:

  • Consider it a medical emergency if the pain is severe and radiates from the chest to the shoulders, neck, arms or jaw, or is accompanied by dizziness, fainting, sweating, nausea or breathlessness.          


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