How To Curl A Soccer Ball

If you are tired of never being picked to take free kicks and corner kicks, you just need to learn how to curl a soccer ball. There's not much special about kicking the ball straight, unless you kick it ridiculously hard. Being able to put a sick curve on a ball will make you the envy of everyone else on the pitch. There's no magic or trickery when curling a soccer ball, just simple physics. A spinning object that is moving forward creates an area of low pressure in the direction of the spin relative to the front of the object. This low pressure causes the ball to drift in that direction, a process called the "Magnus effect," after German physicist Gustav Magnus. It seems obvious that the more severe the spin on the ball, the more it will move, but also remember that the lower the speed of the ball, the more pronounced the movement will be.

  1. Stand behind the ball and run up to it. You will use this momentum to get power behind your kick.
  2. Place your planting foot a few inches to the side of the ball. This foot will stabilize your body while you swing the other foot. Point this foot toward the goal.
  3. Draw your kicking foot back behind you.
  4. Bring your kicking foot forward quickly and strike the ball. Kick the ball with the side of your foot to have the best chance at curving it.
  5. Drag your kicking leg through the ball and across your body. This motion will make the ball spin as it leaves your foot. Your kicking leg should feel like it is going through the ball, not across it.
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