How To Curve The Ball In Wii Bowling

Have you been wondering how to curve the ball in Wii Bowling? Having a Wii party get so much more fun when you can show off your sweet Wii bowling moves. It isn’t as hard as you think! 

To Curve the ball in Wii Bowling, you’ll need:

  • A Wii Console
  • A Wii Remote
  • A Wii Sports game disc
  1. Get Your Game On. First, turn on the Wii console, insert the Wii Sports game disc and get into a new game of bowling.  Always be sure to follow the Wii recommended safety precautions when setting up and playing Wii Games.  Now, get ready to bowl your best game ever!
  2. Do the Twist. When it is your turn to bowl, remember to throw the ball using the Wii remote as if you were throwing a real bowling ball. Just before you release the ball into the bowling lane, twist your wrist slightly to either side in order to make the ball curve. Wii will treat your wrist-twist just as your ball would in real life, and will translate the twist into a curve on the ball. If you twist your wrist to the right, your ball will curve right. If you twist your wrist to the left, your ball will curve left.
  3. A Few Helpful Tips.  When you curve your ball in Wii bowling, don’t throw the ball too gently, since this will usually result in a gutter ball.  Remember that twisting your wrist too much could also cause the ball to go into the gutter.
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